Perth Ballet Masterclasses
Perth Ballet Masterclasses
Perth Ballet Masterclasses
EBAS DVDs for sale through our website!

If you missed out on purchasing an EBAS Level 1 Practice DVD at previous Masterclasses, do not despair!   We have a small stock available here in Perth, which you can purchase by contacting Robyn Cooper.

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Perth Ballet Management
(also incorporating Perth Ballet Masterclasses)

Perth Ballet Management is an entity created by freelance ballet teacher and ballet administrator, Robyn Cooper, in 2015.   We operate as a collective group of teachers and students, with the aim of providing quality ballet instruction  for adults and advanced teenage dancers.


Perth Ballet Management ran a series of Masterclasses in December  2015 and 2016, which  were the first Australian courses ever to introduce students to the Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS), a series of exercises designed to prepare the body for working safely and efficiently, to improve placement, rotation and extensions, and to create space and remove energy blockages within the body, freeing the joints and spine.   (Click here for more information on EBAS.)  This seminal work was embraced wholeheartedly by Perth students and teachers, and we were delighted to bring EBAS creator and Master Teacher, Scott Putman,  to Perth to run an EBAS Teachers' Certification course in  July 2017, in order that this could be shared more widely amongst the Perth dance community, physiotherapists, and Pilates teachers.   Indeed, anyone interested in functional movement modalities can benefit from this amazing work!   

PBM is currently running a series of online EBAS classes, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 10.00 am, and Sundays at 11.00 am.   Classes are $10 each.  Contact Robyn Cooper for details.


We were planning  to run a Level 1 Teacher Certification course and a Level 2 Teacher Certification course in July 2020.   However, the COVID-19 pandemic has led us to postpone this until at least July 2022.  Click here for more information on the Teachers' Certification courses.

In 2017 and 2018, in association with Laura Pedro, PBM ran  Character Masterclasses with the wonderful Alida Segal.  Email us if you would like to be added to our mailing list for future character classes.


Robyn is also the creator and administrator for the Perth Adult Ballet Dancers' Network Facebook group.   This is a page for Perth's adult dancers to share experiences, notify dance-related events and enhance their dance-related lives by sharing with other like-minded people.   Click here to take you to this group.