PreviousMasterclass seasons in 2015 and 2016 were hugely successful...

​Read what participants said about the classes (and these are only a few of many!):

"The classes were very enjoyable and fun overall, and I would love to do it again next year.   Thank you everyone who's organised this."

"Overall, I think the workshop was very helpful and useful - I learned a lot and became more confident in my dancing."

"Very incredible and excellent Masterclass - thanks for having it!"

"Please keep running these Masterclasses - they are always fantastic!"

"Fun and informative.   Very enjoyable.   Scott is wonderful."

"Great effort - loved every minute!"

"Thanks for bringing Scott back again!"

"Great teachers!"

"Thank you for the experience!"

"Thank you very much - loved every minute!"

"Really enjoyed!   Will be back next year!"

"Really enjoyed it - will come again!"

"Loved it.  Thank you."

"Great experience."

"Lots of fun and will definitely come back next year."

"Well done.   Really enjoyed it."

"Beautiful venue - very suitable.   Reception welcome - name tags, forms, very organised.   Wonderful turnout for this time of year."

"It was a wonderful workshop and I have learnt a lot of valuable and new information for the future."


"I found this workshop series very useful and I look forward to attending more Perth Ballet Masterclasses in the future."

"Scott was really nice and I think I improved a lot."

"Thank you for organising such a wonderful course for adults!"

"Excellent collection of classes."

"Overall good balance of types of workshops."

"Awesome.   I'll come back both days next year."

"Thoroughly enjoyed it.   Will be back for next year's".

"Thank you for such a wonderful workshop!"

"It was an amazing experience!"

"Thank you for such a great time.   I enjoyed myself".

"Thank you so much for hosting such a wonderful Masterclass.   I would love to have Scott teach at my ballet school.   I hope Scott comes back to Perth soon."

"I loved Scott's unique explanations and approach to ballet.  Loved the variations class and exploring new things."

"Scott did a wonderful job of teaching the classes.   He structured them well and was very interactive and positive for the students to work with.   i hope Scott comes back next year.   I look forward to participating in his classes again!"

"So useful the way Scott explained everything.   I loved the way everyone supported each other and we all had fun."

"Scott's unique teaching methods really help to give you tools and insight into how to improve technique and dance quality.  Variation class was fun and exciting and pushed me beyond what I thought I could do.   More next year please!   Bring Scott back!"

"Technique class was so interesting and useful.   I found I got lots of tips and now understand things more fully.   Variations class was really fun - I loved learning 'Paquita'!   In EBAS and stretch classes, I learned exercises that I will be able to do at home."


"I enjoyed both variations.   I found it useful that we stopped after the exercise to go over corrections.   It was a great workshop."


"It was amazing.   Make it go for more days!"


"The variation was very technical and enjoyable.   The Elemental Body Alignment system was very interesting.   It was great."


"Exercises were simple so we could focus on technique.   Class size was excellent.  Repertoire was brilliantly taught."


"I found the whole Masterclass useful and interesting.   Scott has given me an insight into many new things, and I absolutely adore his teaching."


"It was really well prepared and I can't wait for next year."


"It was AMAZING!   I really enjoyed the past few days.   Scott's advice was very useful and I think that I am going to improve a lot next year because of the experience."


"Excellent class/day for the students and also for parents to watch.   Loved the positive atmosphere Scott created!  Thank you!"


"EBAS was powerful.   I loved how Scott incorporated the teaching of those principles into the other classes.   Very positive and inspiring teacher.  He helped the girls have fun and enjoy dancing and being comfortable with their bodies.   I wish there were more days."


"Scott explains concepts so clearly and easily to understand.   Great sense of humour and fun class.   Body alignment concepts were definitely very interesting and beneficial.  Thank you, Robyn, for all your work organising another brilliant workshop."


"Scott's knowledge and original insights were so useful.   Venue was excellent.  EBAS helped to awaken the body.   It was amazing.   Please keep running these."


"Thank you for such a fantastic day, will love to attend the class next year if possible.   Great timing to put in between school terms so we can keep dancing even if it is holiday period."


"It was really great to learn from Scott.   He provided a fun and encouraging learning environment and I have taken away many things that will improve my ballet.   Thank you so much!"


"Please bring him back!"


"Fantastic classes.   Please bring  these international teachers here more often so that we can also experience a different perspective."


"The visualisation of energy to create feeling was so useful and interesting.   Make them more than two days!  Thank you so much for the incredible experience!!"


"Interactive teaching style was brilliant.   Variations class was great fun - Scott did a fabulous job of creating a fun, collegiate, supportive environment.   Please come back next year - I absolutely loved it and learned lots.  Thank you."