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Ballet Masterclasses

Class Types and Levels
(all classes are taught by Scott Putman unless otherwise noted)
Adult classes:                 27 and 28 December 2016
Young dancer classes:  29 and 30 December 2016

Technique classes (1.5 hours):   $60.00

These classes will follow the normal progression of a ballet class, with a brief warm-up followed by barre work and centre work.   Centre work will include adage, turns, petit and grand allegro.


Adult Beginner/Elementary:   This will generally suit dancers with between 1-3 years of training, who have a reasonable understanding of the basics of ballet.

Adult Intermediate/Advanced:   This class is aimed at dancers who have 4+ years of training, and a good understanding and mastery of the technical and artistic requirements of ballet.


Technique class - Young dancers (ages 14-17)

Technique class - Young dancers (ages 11-13)


For young dancers, it may be appropriate to take into account years of training as well as age, in assessing which session is most appropriate.   For example, a 13 year old who has had many years of training and is working at an advanced level with multiple classes per week may be more suitable to join the 15-17 year old group.  Similarly, a 15 year old dancer who has only recently started ballet and is doing only a few classes per week may have a better experience with the younger group.   If in doubt, please discuss with your ballet teacher and with us.


Pointe/pre-pointe classes (1 hour):   $40.00

These classes should only be done in pointe shoes by dancers who have been approved by their ballet teacher as having the appropriate strength and alignment to progress to pointe work.  


Beginner dancers are welcome to attend these classes, but should wear technique shoes.


Variations classes (1.25 hours):   $50.00  

This is your chance to learn a variation (solo dance) from one of the classic ballets.   Follow in the footsteps of your favourite ballerina by dancing roles from ballets such as “Nutcracker”, “La Bayadere” or “Swan Lake”.   This is a really fun opportunity, so don’t miss your chance to try something new!


Different variations will be taught on different days, so if you choose to do both days, you will learn two variations.


Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS) classes (1 hour):   Free

This is a unique series of exercises never offered anywhere else in Australia, designed to prepare your body for classes, and we are offering them for FREE!   Click here for more information on EBAS.   To register for an EBAS class, dancers must be signed up for a technique class on the same day.

We apologise for the $0.01 charge you will see  for these free classes - our online store is unable to  handle items with no charge.   Please feel free to ignore it when you make your payment.


Ballet Mime classes (27 and 29 December only - 1.5 hours):   $10.00

Have you ever watched a classical ballet and and not understood quite what was happening when dancers were doing mime?   Are you involved in a production which uses mime to help tell the story?   Or would you like to be able to talk to your ballet friends using classical ballet mime?   This is the class for you. 


Ballet mime is one of the new classes being introduced this year.   Taught by Laura Pedro, this is an entertaining and inter-active class which will teach students the language of classical ballet mime, used in famous ballets like Sleeping Beauty and Coppelia.  

This class will be run immediately before or after your technique class (depending on which group you are in), to keep your muscles warm and your mind active!

Improvisation class (28 and 30 December only - 1.5 hours):   $10.00

So this is your chance to learn about creating your own dances!  

Taught by Katie Chown, this class will be run immediately before or after your technique class (depending on which group you are in), to keep your muscles warm and your mind active!   This class is something different and very enjoyable!

Through a series of fun, guided activities, participants will have an opportunity to explore the core elements of dance (Body, Energy, Space and Time) in improvisation. Participants will come away with an understanding of how to:

·     Develop fresh and unexpected ways of performing familiar movements

·     Explore alternative movement pathways and tempos

·     Discover a variety of inspirations for dance making

Stretch classes (restorative - 30 minutes):   $10.00

These classes are the ideal opportunity to help your body recover from the physical efforts during the day.   They will help to reduce the lactic acid build up in the body, and assist the muscles to relax and  lengthen after all that contracting!   These classes will incorporate the EBAS stretch series to rejuvenate your tired body and refresh you.  Click here for more information on EBAS.


Viewing opportunities

If you are a ballet teacher or relative of a dancer (other than a parent) and wish to sit in and watch any classes, viewing tickets are available for a nominal fee of $10 per day.


Parents of dancers registered for classes are welcome to view for free.

Injury prevention workshops

Lauren Kemp (podiatrist, pointe shoe fitter and dancer) will be running injury prevention workshops concurrently with the variations classes each day of the Masterclasses.   These will cover different topics on each of the two days.   This will be your chance to access some very useful information, find out about exercises and other measures you can take to prevent injury and improve your strength, and ask any specific questions you may have about your own situation.

These workshops are FREE, and you do not need to book for them.


We reserve the right to cancel planned classes should there be insufficient bookings.   Our liability should this occur is limited to a full refund on any tickets purchased for the cancelled class.


Gift Vouchers are available!

If you will be buying tickets to classes as a special gift for a dancer, we are happy to provide a personalised gift voucher for you to present to your dancer.


When you register your dancer after 1 July 2016, Just tick the appropriate box on the Dancer Registration form to say whether it is a Christmas present, birthday gift or other occasion (such as graduation, "well done" for an exam, or whatever you like), and we will email you an A4 sized presentation voucher.   SImply print it on photo quality paper, and you have the perfect gift!

Click here for an example of our gift vouchers.

Appropriate attire
There are no standard requirements for dancewear (e.g. colour of leotard/tights).  as long as dancers wear appropriate form-fitting ballet clothing that will allow teachers to see how their body is working.  
Apart from that, you are welcome to wear your favourite leotard and dance skirt (for the ladies)!   We will be happy to see lots of bright colours to celebrate what we are sure will be a fun-filled few days!

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