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About Scott

Scott Putman is an exceptional teacher and choreographer, based in Richmond, Virginia, USA.   He is an Associate Professor in dance and choreography at Virginia Commonwealth University, and is the founder and Artistic Director of Amaranth Contemporary Dance, as well as the creator of the seminal Elemental Body Alignment System© (EBAS - click here to read more about EBAS). Scott has taught in the US, China, Italy, Romania, Canada and here in Australia.  He is a regular member of the Faculty at Sun King Adult Dance Camps.


Scott has received numerous accolades and awards for his work including the distinguished Theresa Pollack Excellence in the Arts Award and the National Choreography Plan Award for exceptional choreography from RDA, Pacific. He has danced for Mordine and Company Dance Theatre, Demetrius Klein Dance Company, Minnesota Ballet, Ballet Theatre of Chicago, Donald McKayle, David Alan, Douglas Becker, and Geri Houlihan. Scott received his B.A. from Columbia College, Chicago, and M.F.A. from the University of California at Irvine, where he was a Chancellor’s Fellow and William Gillespie Scholar. 




Image shows Scott Putman, EBAS creator and Master Teacher

We are hoping to bring Scott’s expertise and passion back to Perth dancers in 2023 after the highly successful 2015 and 2016 Masterclasses and the EBAS Teacher Certification in 2017, and are privileged to be promoting a wider dissemination of his remarkable Elemental Body Alignment System by arranging a second EBAS Teacher Certification course, hopefully Level 1 Certification from 5-9 January 2023, and Level 2 Certification from 12-15 January 2023, dependent on sufficient levels of interest.

Read what dancers have to say about Scott...


"Scott is a fantastic teacher.   Within two exercises of my first lesson, I had lightbulb moments that had me doing things much better.   He has a way of expressing movement that makes sense and is easy to follow"   Jill Bysterveld, Kalamunda, WA


"Scott has a way of teaching that helps me suddenly understand what people have been telling me for years.  He is amazing at correcting issues with alignment - fundamental issues that may have been hindering your improvement."   Nadine Latief, Austin, TX, USA


"Scott uses a unique method for teaching, sensation of the movement. Each exercise builds on the previous one and you feel the easiness of the movements that could have felt difficult before. He understands how the body tries to protect itself and how to override the automatic response and trigger the right muscles to perform complicated moves in a safe, healthy, and easy way for adults and children."  Ileana Arroyo, Herndon, VA, USA


"I found his command of anatomy and Kinesiology so well adapted to ballet movements that I wished I could enroll in his university program. What I learned was ways of helping the body achieve desired goals in a safe, bio-mechanically sound way that maintains the aesthetics of classical ballet. His understanding of the human body and alignment makes the smallest correction result in amazing changes. I wish I had recorded my private lesson so I could replay it over and over. He expresses himself while teaching in a unique and entertaining way that makes class so much fun despite being hard work."  Louise Schwendeman, Richmond, KY, USA


"Scott helped me find the muscles to be able to incorporate the corrections I've been hearing for so long – turnout, centre, lift, don't tuck...on and on.    Basic building blocks that adults don't often get that help speed up progress. Phenomenal!!"   Chris de la Torre, Anaheim Hills, CA, USA

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