Weekly classes are held at the beautiful Dance Classique studios at 36 Jersey street, Wembley (between Salvado Road and Hay Street).   There is usually good street parking (free for 2 hours) outside the studio and ample ticket parking right across the road for longer periods.

Something to be aware of, for some reason many GPS units don't recognise this address, and want to direct you to the other end of Jersey Street (there must be a glitch in the system somewhere).

The timetable below is effective from Monday, 2 September 2019

*Can be done in technique shoes by less experienced dancers, to build strength and alignment for future pointe work

^Duration will be reduced if booked numbers are fewer, to keep costs down

**EBAS Classes will only be run if there are at least 1 student booked, and ballet class if there are at least 3 students booked.   if you have not pre-booked and you are intending to attend, please contact Robyn Cooper  on 0417 170 969 to check whether class is on for that date.

Class Information


All open classes are suitable for dancers at elementary level or higher.  

If you are not sure whether a class is suitable for you, you are welcome to come and watch, or just come along as a casual attendee and try it out.   All the teachers are very supportive, encouraging and most importantly, good fun!   Come along and share our good times, hard work and lots of laughs!