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What is the Elemental Body Alignment System?



The Elemental Body Alignment System (EBAS) is a unique programme, never offered anywhere else in Australia!   It is designed to prepare your body for working safely and efficiently, to improve placement, rotation and extensions, and to create space within the body, freeing the joints and spine.


It consists of a series of exercises designed for structural integrity and supported range of motion. Through anchoring and initiating movements via the pelvis, the body discovers its ability to efficiently articulate movement through experiential anatomy.


The work deepens the student's understanding of where movement comes from, how to align the body and to build a physical consciousness of open pathways of energy for movement. The system helps the learner to override the central nervous system, creating new neuromuscular firings, supporting a greater understanding of sensorial technique.


This short video shows Master teacher and EBAS creator Scott Putman

explaining what EBAS is, how it works, and how it is able to improve ballet

technique in any syllabus!


Hear what dancers have to say about EBAS...


"EBAS to me is a life changing process.   Not only do I feel stronger when

dancing, I also feel more freedom of movement.   It has also

improved my golf game.   I highly recommend EBAS to anyone

who wants to connect with their body more readily and freely."  

Karen Mathis, Jacksonville, FL, USA


"I think the best testimonial for EBAS was something from the group ride

to classes one morning (at Sun King Dance Camp August 2015).   Someone

groaned "I need EBAS" and found enthusiastic agreement all round!  I would

say the idea is twofold:  recovery from the previous day, and refreshment for the day ahead."   Louise Schwendeman, Richmond, KY, USA


"I ended up with spinal cord injury after a herniated disk pinched my spine. Although I was diagnosed as paraplegic ASIA-D, I keep exercising and trying to regain more mobility. But working as a SW Developer requires long hours of sitting causing back pain and lack of mobility, so I do the EBAS DVD to release the pressure, elongate the space between the vertebrae, and relax. By the end of the DVD, I have no pain and feel ready to enjoy the rest of the day."   Ileana Arroyo, Herndon, VA, USA


"With all the debates about pre class stretching, this is your answer! Gently wakes your body up in preparation for dance. By the time you are done, you feel lengthened and ready to go."   Jill Bysterveld,  Kalamunda, WA


"EBAS taught me how to use my body more efficiently, to conserve energy while maximizing power, and allowed me to spend my second camp week injury-free, and felt much stronger!   EBAS even helped me improve my swimming, for example, better torso rotation while catching breaths in freestyle, and better abdominal control while swimming butterfly.   Highly recommended for everyone!"   Alicia Diaz de Leon, Silver Spring, MD, USA


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