Because PBM classes are run as a collective and non-profit venture, the cost of the classes is split between the students who attend.   These costs are the teachers' fees, and the studio hire.   As such, the fee structure is different from other classes, as it will vary depending on how many students attend a particular class.


  • Participants will be given the option of booking and paying in advance for the classes they wish to attend within a five week block.   Paying in advance will result in a lower fee, but if the student is unable to attend a class they have paid for, we will only be able to give them a credit if we get an 'extra' unscheduled attendee, or if there are sufficient numbers to have reached the minimum fee (basically, if we can give a student a credit without requiring anyone else to pay more, we will.).  Any credits given to students will be deducted from the fee for the next block of classes.


  • The other option is to attend casually, and pay a higher fee.


  • The fee for each dancer for a particular class will depend on the number booking in for that class.   Fees from any 'extras' attending casually will be shared with those who have pre-paid, and will be credited against their fees for the next block of classes.   Once the numbers attending reach the point where the minimum fee payable has been reached, any extra fees will be paid to the teacher.


  • Casual fees in general are higher than pre-booked fees, because those who book in advance are risking that if they can’t attend, they lose their money.   Once we get to 10 attendees having booked, the risk of not getting a credit is much smaller, so the differential between casual and pre-booked becomes less.


  • If, when bookings are made, 2 or less students have booked for a class, those booking will be given the option of cancelling the class, since the fees will be higher with fewer participants.


  • If you have not pre-booked, and wish to know what fees will apply for a casual class, simply contact Robyn Cooper on, or text her on 0417 170 969.   She will then be able to advise how many have booked and what the maximum casual fee will be for that class.

  • If you would like to pre-book, you can email Robyn with a list of classes that you would like to book for.   She can then calculate a costing for you.